[3830] June VHF score SOLP

Dan Kovatch W8CAR at lrbcg.com
Tue Jun 13 15:19:48 EDT 2000

W8CAR Grid EN81

50      76 qs 43 mults
144     47 qs 23 mults
432     19 qs 13 mults

total score 12,719

Equipment Icom 706mkiiG and 2 meter amp (150 watts)
Ants: 5L KLM on 6, 11 Crunchcraft on 2, homebrew 8 L Quagi on 432

Comments: First ever qsos on 432-kind of a kick since I have no way of
measuring SWR on 432 so the quagi could be way off. Condx seemed good
some of the time but spent lots of time listening to 5s running on 6.

Maybe 220 next year.


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