[3830] PY2NDX WPX CW So/Ab-HP 7mhz

Fri Jun 30 02:21:47 EDT 2000

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 2000

      Call:      PY2NDX
      Category:  Single Operator Single Band
      Power:     High Power      Band:  40 meters (7 mhz)
      Mode:      CW Only         Country:   Brazil


       40     1004     5869           5.8          519
   Totals   1004     5869           5.8          519  =   3,046,011

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: FT-1000MP, Alpha 91B (1kW)
                                       40-2CD Cushcraft 2 el yagi

Comments: "Traveling to operate from PY2NY nice 40m station was
           very good, while Vitor gone to ZX5J effort at Multi-
           Single! First time like  High Power,  lot  of QSO's,
           and so much fun... Thanks  PU2VYT  (PY2NY YL)    for
           host and sharing your time to help me. Thanks every-
           body and hope to see you all next year..."

Club Affiliation: TuPY Dx Group

            Signature _______________________________
                             P Y 2  N D 

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