[3830] EA8BH (N4GN op) CQWW RTTY SOAB HP score

Tim Totten, N4GN n4gn at n4gn.com
Mon Oct 9 23:07:12 EDT 2000

I'm still having some problems merging and scoring my log properly, but I
thought I'd dump my score in, such as it is.  Once I get the software
problems solved, I'll be in the vicinity of 5.1 million points with 2580

Looks like another record for the fantastic EA8BH station.  Thanks to
Martti, OH2BH/EA8BH and Pekka, OH1RY/EA8AH for the opportunity to get
behind the wheel!


Tim Totten, n4gn at n4gn.com

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