[3830] CQP M/S AC6T HP

long at ece.ucsb.edu long at ece.ucsb.edu
Thu Oct 12 13:45:42 EDT 2000

                     California QSO Party
Call: AC6T
Operator(s): AC6T, AA7RV
Station: N6VR

Class: M/S  Power: HP
QTH: Ventura
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band     CW Qs    Ph Qs    Mults
  160:       0        0
   80:      60       63
   40:     154       67
   20:     119      213
   15:     165      418
   10:      65      365
Total:     563     1126       58  =  228,568

Club: SCCC


Murphy was here.

My TS850 and the Henry amp would not cooperate.  The received
signals sounded like meteor scatter.  I was lamenting the
crummy aurora conditions until we realized that the problem
was internal.  Unfortunately, this took the first 2 hours.

Had some challenging computer problems.  CT began issuing
4 and 5 digit QSO numbers early in the contest.  Then
Sunday AM one of the two computers insisted on logging contacts
only on 20m ...  And switching the radio back to the wrong band
after each correction.

In general, had a great time operating with Ken AA7RV who is new
to contesting.  Also, I find it easier to keep the high motivation level
going with M/S than SO.

The highlight was working J. Sat evening on 40 cw for #57 then
finding RI Sunday afternoon just by luck for the sweep.

Steve AC6T

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