[3830] CQP SOHP NB1B

dennis egan nb1b at mediaone.net
Thu Oct 12 23:35:59 EDT 2000

Call: NB1B
Class: SOHP
QTH: Massachusetts

Band            CW QSOs            SSB QSOs
  160                    0                            0
    80                    5                            6       QRN too high-
couldn't hear, even with beverage
    40                  56                          41      Some nice runs
    20                  71                          75      Could have done
more here
    15                105                        166      Good propagation-
best CW activity
    10                  63                        149      Up & Down all
weekend- if anything, tooooo long

Total                300                        437

                         900                        874   times 58 for a

     Final Score            102, 892

K6III finally found me for the sweep at 1725Z Sunday, 17 hours after county
# 57 was in the log.
Could never get a major run going- best hours were 1700-1800Z on Sunday (64
on 10M SB), and
1700-1800Z on Saturday (53 on 15M SB).  10M was up and down all weekend-
several times I found myself
standing in line while a California station worked 2 or 3 Europeans that
were louder than I was into California!

Wall of fame stations in this contest:
14 QSOs-  K6AQL/m
10 QSOs- N6O
 9 QSOs- N6ED, W6KP
 8 QSOs- K6LA, K6KM, AC6T, W6EEN, N6HC, KS6U, and AE6Y

Thanks for the Qs!

Dennis NB1B

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