[3830] PAQP W4CAT SO Home HP

k1ky at bellsouth.net k1ky at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 18 03:42:22 EDT 2000

                     Pennsylvania QSO Party
Call: W4CAT
Operator(s): K1KY
Station: W4CAT/K1KY

Class: SO  Power: HP
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Radios: SO2R

 Band     CW Qs    Ph Qs    Mults
  160:      26        1
   80:      63       59
   40:     121      174
   20:      99      162
   15:      35       15
   10:       7        2
    6:       0        0
    2:       0        0
Total:     351      413       67  =       66861



Gosh - where to begin....  Looks like the Central Time Zone record is history
but I fell a bit short of the overall record for out-of-state.  A great
improvement from last year and I actually "enjoyed" playing on SSB! The sweep
came late with a gracious mobile contact from N3ZNI (Arm) and an insurance Q
from K3WWP during the last hour. 15 meters was wide open Sunday
morning/afternoon with a nice path to PA, but as they say.... The lights were
on but nobody home! Thanks to all the QSY's and what more can be said about
those stellar mobile efforts who can change bands faster than I can...

Congratulations to the organizers for yet another successful year!



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