[3830] PAQP W3USA/M SO Mobile LP

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Sun Oct 29 08:50:46 EST 2000

                     Pennsylvania QSO Party
Call: W3USA/M
Operator(s): W1NN

Class: SO  Power: LP
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band     CW Qs    Ph Qs    Mults
Total:     769      278      127  =    202065.5



Conditions were super this year and I should have set a new record, but it was
not to be.  At the last minute I decided to change my day one route and add on 
Wyoming County at the beginning, which on the map looked very accessable.  But
it took quite a while to get there and it threw my first day's schedule
completely off and I was trying to catch up the whole time.  I wasn't where I
should have been when 80 opened and my 80 Meter QSO total was very low.  I was
over 100 QSO's behind my 1999 total at the end of day one.  Day two started out
better but I probably shouldn't have gone to Philadelphia and Delaware.  It was
a hard drive and it also put me behind my normal day two schedule.  I had some
great runs in PHI and DCO, which helped me make up for my poor performance on
day one and I actually ended up with more contacts this year than last year
(1,047 vs. 1,031).  I missed six counties (ARM, BED, CRA, INN, JEF, PIK) but
had my best ever out-of-state total (66) so my final score was slightly ahead
of 1999.

The worst thing was what happened in the last hour.  About 20 minutes before
the end of the contest as I was driving up that long, long hill on I-476 in
Lehigh, the car overheated.  I pulled over to the side of the road and the
contest was over for me.  I think that going up the steep mountain on my way to
Wyoming County on day one probably overheated the car and I didn't realize it. 
After the car cooled down, I made it home okay and the next day found out that
there was almost no coolant in the engine.  The car now seems okay except that
steam comes out the heater when I use it.  My old '86 Caprice wagon has gotten
me through every PAQP since 1988 or 1989, but it has probably seen its last

The good high band conditions really attracted a lot more activity this year. 
It was good to hear so many PA stations on 20 and 15.  I worked a lot of PA
counties on these two bands and I hope that from now on more PA stations will
continue to use the high bands.  It's good for the out-of-state participants
and PA stations can also work each other very well on these bands.  

See you all next year.


Hal Offutt W1NN op of W3USA/M

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