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Mon Oct 30 05:22:21 EST 2000

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: W6YX
Operator(s): N6DE, W6LD, N7MH

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 44

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80:     34     13     15
   40:    118     24     51
   20:    336     35    119
   15:    729     35    119
   10:    788     36    132
Total:   2005    143    436  =  3,132,969

Club/Team: NCCC


Equipment: FT1000MP+Alpha77, IC761+Alpha77, TR-Log 6.54
80M inverted vee @ 60'
40M 4 el KLM @ 60'
20M 6 el KLM @ 60'
15M 6 el Telrex @ 70'
10M 6 el Telrex @ 70', 5 el HyGain 105CA @ 30' fixed toward S.A.
KLM KT34XA @ 60', Mosley PRO67A @ 60'

Our score was almost one and a half times what it was last year in this
contest.  This was the result of many station improvements including new
antenna switches, an interfaced radio, packet spots on the logging computers,
and a second 10M monobander.  We also developed better multi-single operating
techniques that improved both Q's and multipliers.

We put up our new 10M antenna a few weeks earlier, mainly as a low antenna for 
Sweepstakes.  We pointed it roughly toward the Caribbean and South America
since that was the direction we expected the band to be open for the largest
part of the contest.  There's also a very nice, long downward slope in that
direction.  This antenna worked well into S.A., but also was our best antenna
into Europe when the propagation path was skewed on Sunday.

After the contest we were so excited about our new 10M antenna that the 3 of us
spent the remaining hour or so of daylight to hoist the 155CA we'd assembled
the previous weekend onto another short pole near the shack.  CW Sweepstakes
will be its first big test, so we're hoping it does as well on 15 as the 105CA
did on 10.

The biggest downer of this contest was our poor low-band showing.  We resolved
to put up a 160M antenna after last year, but it's just so much easier to build
and put up high-band antennas.  Our inverted vee on 80 didn't break through as
many pileups as last year (maybe it was reduced patience of the op?).  So for
next year we are going to work on low-band antennas - aren't we, guys?  Our
master antenna planner has stacked yagis on his mind though.  Time will tell.

We'll look for all you US and Canadian ops in SS.  I'll pray for good
conditions on 10 and 15 so we can try our new antennas out on all of you.

-Mike, N7MH

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