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Mon Oct 30 14:16:04 EST 2000

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: KK1L
Operator(s): KK1L K1KD WJ1Z
Station: KK1L

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Vermont
Operating Time (hrs): 45

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:     12      7      7
   80:     40      9     25
   40:    101     17     49
   20:    438     33    104
   15:    586     31    102
   10:    561     29    100
Total:   1738    126    387  =  2,465,478

Club/Team: Yankee Clipper CC


Equipment: TS-850 primary radio, FT-1000D (RX when 2nd op there)
A3S+40m at 92', A3S at 62', 75m Inv-V, 160m Inv-V.
Ten-Tec Titan Amp

Maiden voyage at the new QTH with the new tower. WJ1Z very kindly lent his
Titan and FT-1000D.

We missed out on the 10m opening to JA Saturday night around 21 or 22 local.
There was about 3 hours of unused radio time and that was some of it :(

We did have some entertaining equipment and antenna problems over the weekend:

I was treated to a light show from the top tribander when I woke up to
relieve K1KD Saturday morning.  One of the 40m traps was arcing bright
white to the rythm of the "CQ CONTEST..." on 20m!!!  Something sh@# the bed
during the night.  Every now and then an ember of crispy plastic or
something would fall towards the ground!  We were told we were loud in EU,
so we just kept plugging.  Not surprisingly when I tried 40m that evening
the SWR was whacked.  So that meant loading up the Inv-V pair on 40m.  
10/15/20 seemed to work okay, but the SWR jumped around on 20m a bit on 
occasion. I guess a 15++ year old cushcraft is no match for the Titan???

I found 50' of the ladder line to the Inv-V's laying on the ground Sunday
morning.  I don't know when that happened, but it sure could not have
helped the signal any!!

We got a neighbor TVI complaint in the last 1.5 hours on Sunday.  Turns out
when checking 40m, I forgot to switch back to the stack and had tuned the
Inv-V's to 15m.  I wondered why the computer monitor was dancing around so
much :)

I had rotator problems crop up all weekend.  The first was the top rotator
turning clockwise VERY slowly.  It would take three or four minutes to turn
from VK/ZL to EU, while going the other way in only 10 seconds.  My quick
diagnostics turned up nothing.  The second turned out to be simple, but not
obvious until daylight (and after a climb up the tower).  The lower antenna
had snagged on the 75m Inv-V.  I had turned this thing back and forth maybe
20 times with no problems.  Then it got stuck toward EU (could have been
MUCH worse!!).  I fixed that after K1KD came over to relieve me Saturday
afternoon. On Sunday afternoon it got stuck on the other leg of the Inv-V.
The wind must have loosened the supports some.

73 de KK1L...ron (kk1l at arrl.net) <><
QTH: Jericho, Vermont
My page: http://www.qsl.net/kk1l

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