ab0mv at ix.netcom.com ab0mv at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 30 23:22:34 EST 2000

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: AB0MV
Operator(s): AB0MV, AE0Q, N0HF, KC0ERX
Station: AB0MV

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Zone 4, Colorado
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:      0      0      0
   80:     28     11     17
   40:     73     22     34
   20:    224     30     94
   15:    333     33     82
   10:    589     31    110
Total:   1247    127    337  =  1,477,376



Operating Equipment: Icom 746, Alpha 87A, TR log, KT34XA at 75 ft and trap
dipole at 70 ft (40m/80m)
Operating menu: Chicken Kiev & rice & green beans. Butternut squash & yam soup
with cranberry-port wine sauce and lots of coffee and diet soda.

 From N0HF:
Great contest, lots of activity, really enjoyed using the auto-tuning
capabilities of the Alpha 87A,just changed bands, tapped the footswitch and
within a second the amp was fully tuned. Condx good all weekend on high bands,
Not much EU/AF on 80, difficult here in Colorado with a dipole.  Thanks to
Merri, AB0MV for the best Squash soup and Chicken Kiev I've ever had.

>From AB0MV (ex-KF4OAD)
Great contest. It's fun to use better antennas than those I had in NC. It was
really fun to watch a new ham KC0ERX discover HF DX contesting for the first
time!  We all had a great time but of everyone there, my dog Dante had the best
time--seriously.  I don't know what it is but he loves radio contesting.

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