[3830] CQWW SSB 9A3GW SOSB/15 HP

robert at times.hr robert at times.hr
Tue Oct 31 02:02:53 EST 2000

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: 9A3GW
Operator(s): 9A3GW

Class: SOSB/15 HP
QTH: Zagreb
Operating Time (hrs): 29

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
   15:   2884     39    158
Total:   2884     39    158  =  1,364,816

Club/Team: Croatian Contest Club


I don't know why most of competitor complain about second day.
Usually second day is at most 60% of first one but for me this time
second day bring me 93% (1492 / 1392).
Maybe one small unexpected situation can explain why (Murphy , it's your turn).
After first few hour of contest and searching for mpl's band just start to open
as usually to JA. Tax meter show raising line and than dark. 
Time 0550 GMT.Everything switch off.
I left without electric power. First think was OK it will be back in minutes
than try to find out what happend and how long will be without it I made phone
to local electric company to ask them about it. Do they know what is wrong.
Yes they have an answer. Sir, today we have regular maintance of electric lines

in that area and power will be back just on time at 1400 GMT. Now I know how
sound speachless
man. Very loud inside.He also explain that information about that power break
was writen in newspaper (he was right but will expect that this maintance which
is always one day in year, will be during WW).
Now what to do. Continue or ... After few minute more on phone and explaining
am I doing here guy promise that he will try to speed up thing and I got
that power will come at between 1100-1200 gmt. This is much better that 1400.
At least
two hour. Power was back et 1150 . Just 6 more or less the best productive
hours was
blown away. Good friend of mine, Tadej S51TA, was almost 600 qso in front of
( that I found out later otherwise I will stop contest).
So I start (continue) with 250 qso at 1150. Afternoon hours were very good but
reach more than 170 per hour (speed limit is 50 in living area). 
More or less continuesly pile up give me more energy to live without 6 hour.
At end of first day score shows 1492/128/38 and 200 or 300 qso behind s51ta.
I knew that I can catch him tomorow in morning hour because my location is open
line to JA (just 200m asl) but band should be open.
Took just 3 hour of sleep and come back to the air but feel that condition are
same as day before. But anyway I was not care about that and scream louder and
trying to get best from JA. Slowly rate was start to grown and grown.
Between 0550 and 1150 and made 666 qso's . If I calculate that using 60%ratio
day I lose about 1000 first day. Maybe more because first day have propagation,

second day null. After east part should always be west part but not this time.
Try to find zone 36 but without lucky. End with 2884/39/158.
Not to happy with country number but the score is not bad as I feel for first
Next time I will follow all newspaper before contest.

73 de Robert, 9a3gw (9a1a, k6b, s573o)

qsl address:
		Robert Orehoci
		Zavrsje 1.odvojak 24
		10090 Zagreb

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