[3830] NA Sprint CW N2NL HP

n2nl at earthlink.net n2nl at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 10 13:00:35 EDT 2000

                     NA Sprint - CW
Call: N2NL
Operator: N2NL
Station: K1PT

Power: HP
Radios: SO2R

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     76   
   40:    111   
   20:    134   
Total:    321 Qs   47 Mults =  15,087

Club/Team: Florida Contest Group


Thanks a million once again to K1PT for use of his station...

Station 1: (20m) Kenwood 940+SB220+4el tribander @ 60ft
Station 2: (40/80m) TenTec Omni VI+Alpha 76
                   402CD @ 70ft, 80m inverted vee @60ft

QSY to 40 at 0123Z
QSY to 80 at 0310z

QSO hours
Hour 1 - 89
Hour 2 - 77
Hour 3 - 69
Hour 4 - 86

   I'm really happy at my first 300+ rate.  I thought I was going to get my
butt kicked in mults but looks like everyone was hurting there.  The only one I
heard but didn't work was CO.  I never heard KY or AL (Suprising).  I'm happy
with my effort but got into a rut on 40m in the 3rd hour.  I got caught up
trying SO2R, CQing on 20m while looking for QSOs on 40.  Although a VE7 called
me on 20 for the mult, I feel I would have been more productive if I worked
harder on 40M, but I need to discover a few more tricks if I want to hit the
350 QSO level.
   All in all, I'm happy with my first sprint in 3 years having been in KH2
land until recently.  CU next weekend.

73, Dave N2NL
Palm Beach, FLA

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