[3830] NA Sprint CW K5NA HP

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Sat Sep 9 18:59:11 EDT 2000

                               SPRINT SUMMARY SHEET

      Contest Date : 09-Sep-00

     Callsign Used : K5NA

          Category : SOHP

  Default Exchange : RICH TX

              Name : Richard L. King
           Address : 17726 FM 973 North
    City/State/Zip : Manor, TX  78653
           Country : United States

         Team/Club : Austin Powers

    BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries

    80CW       66          66         66       1         0
    40CW       98          98         98       5         1
    20CW       81          81         81      36         0

  Totals      245         245        245      42         1

     Final Score = 10535 points.

I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the NCJ North American
Sprint, conscientiously applying my most ethical interpretation of the rules
for this contest as set forth in the National Contest Journal.

  Date _ 9-10-2000 __   Signed _ Richard L. King  _________  Call __K5NA  ___

  Many excuses here.

  My IC765 has a problem where the passband seems to shift and signals 
  The fix is to turn the radio off briefly and then turn it back on. I had 
to do this a
  number of times during the 4 hours of the Sprint. I couldn't change 
radios because
  the IC765 is the only contest radio that I currently have. If I 
disappeared suddenly,
  that's what happened.

  The little weather front that came through just as the Sprint was 
starting created a
  problem with the tribander. I must have a loose connection on the 
feedline because
  all the 20 meter signals received were scratchy and difficult to copy. So 
I switched
  to a full-sized 160M vertical and used that as my 20 meter antenna. The 
40 meter
  antenna is a XM240 at 195 feet and the 80 meter antenna is a NE sloping 
  with the top at 168 feet.

  I spent 1.5 hours on 20 meters, 1.5 hours on 40 meters, and 1.0 hours on 80
  meters. A total of two band changes using the one radio. The rate was 60, 
59, 58,
  and 69 for each of the four hours.

  I think this contest is better done when you have all your hardware 
performing at its
  best. Funny thing is this turned out to be of my best scores ever. Maybe 
the Texas
  location is better than a NY location for me. Or maybe it was because I 
seem to
  have gotten into an operating grove after a while. I have lots of room 
for future
  operating improvement.

  73, Richard - K5NA
k5na at texas.net

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