[3830] WAEDC CW deadline soon

Herbert Ade-Thurow dl2dn at t-online.de
Mon Sep 11 15:08:24 EDT 2000

Hello WAE contesters,

This is a reminder for all those who have not mailed their
WAE CW contest log yet: Mailing deadline for CW is Sept. 15th. 

Your e-mail log please mail to 

                       waedc at darc.de

Paper logs or logs on disk should go to

        WAEDC, Dürerring 7, 74372 Sersheim, Germany

Don´t forget that YOUR log is needed to verify other logs!

73, Herb, DL2DN
WAE Contest Manager
Herbert Ade-Thurow, DL2DN
Dürerring 7 - 74372 Sersheim - Germany 

e-Mail: DL2DN at darc.de

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