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Mon Sep 11 19:05:02 EDT 2000

K1TO - FL  High Power

Band      QSOs  
80         72        Inverted vee @ 85'
40        139       40-2CD @ 87'
20        147       204BAS @ 93'
TOTAL      358    X   46 multipliers  =  16,468
Team Name:  Florida Contest Group

Hours - 107-81-88-82

FT-1000MP + Commander HF2500
TS-930S + Ameritron AL-1200

Saturday was a long day that began with a 6:30 AM wake-up
call, after going to bed after 2 AM setting up the station.  The
amplifiers had literally not been turned on all year to date and
there was plenty of wiring needed after ripping the station 
apart to bring pieces of it to Slovenia.  

Spent the day driving to and from the Melbourne hamfest 
where we had a terrific FCG meeting with record attendance 
and commitments to fill a full 10-person Sprint team for the
first time ever.  Hope everyone is noticing the increase in
FL activity!  Caught a few winks in K4LQ's back seat, but
not enough to compensate for the sleep deficit.  Stopped 
to borrow a few last minute items from Vic, N4TO and 
raced home to finish the set-up...

Started somewhat lethargically on 20 and found many 
others keeping pace or ahead of me.  Heard tons of guys
on 40 at the start, as usual, but resisted the urge to call
and get beat out there.  My fatigue led to leaving the
bandswitch on the AL-1200 on the wrong band and 
hence no amplification on 40 at the start.  The AL-1200
is so forgiving that it didn't arc and this appliance opr.
couldn't figure out why it wasn't working!  

Stayed on 20 perhaps a bit longer than necessary and 
got to 40 with a deficit to make up against several others.  
40 went pretty steadily, with 20 in the background.  Even 
thought the rate was steady, but not extraordinary, I still 
managed to make up ground, as others struggled more
during the middle 2 hours.  Arrived on 80 for the last hour,
taking a deep breath first, since I always get crushed in
the last hour, being just weak enough and far away enough.  
This year was better, as more guys heard me the first time.  
Still got beat out often, but filled in with some 40M QSOs.

Heard NP4Z once on 40, but never again.  KG5RM called
in, I gave the report, nothing in response, slowed down and
gave the report a second time, nothing, and went on.  Did
not realize until reading the 10M Contest results the next 
day that he was in AR which I missed otherwise.  Also 
heard a piece of a WL7 call on 20, but never again.  Not
sure if he was truly in AK.  K4BAM gave a low # from KY, 
but the rest of my 46 mults seemed to be readily available 
this time.  Mults are a bit of luck in this affair - I felt like last 
year's victory was a bit hollow as the QSO total was not 
tops, but the mults were fantastic.  This year, in essentially 
a dead heat with N5TJ, the shoe might end up on the other foot.  

Used NA again, but encountered a few unexpected things.  
The ALT/F6 window produced no data, and even after keying 
in a callsign, it would not show as a dupe, so I ended up 
calling more dupes than normal.  Perhaps I inadvertently
set a flag such that those were the results.  Sorry to all
those that I called and tuned away from...

It is blatantly obvious that many of the top scorers are 
TR users, as it allows for CQing on the second band 
while receiving an exchange on the primary band.  I'm
still light years away from that, with neither rig even 
computer controlled yet...

See y'all in the fall contests.

73, Dan, K1TO/4

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