[3830] NA Sprint SSB K4MA HP

k4ma at mindspring.com k4ma at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 17 01:26:55 EDT 2000

                     NA Sprint - SSB
Call: K4MA
Operator: K4MA
Station: K4MA

Power: HP
Radios: SO2R

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     62   1:00
   40:    128   2:00
   20:     78   1:00
Total:    268 Qs   48 Mults =  12,864

Club/Team: TCG #1


Great start on 40M and then I went to 20M.  20M was not very good here.  CA was
loud, but that was about it.  Even TX and MN was not booming in like usual. 
75M was not too bad, but I feel like I am not that loud there.  I definitely
need to work on some antenna improvements for that band.

Heard but missed ND, VT, and MD.  Only DX mult was XE.

Lots of people still not giving both calls, and lots of people doing
round-robin QSOs.  Most of the round-robin QSOs that I heard were by
people that definitely know better (2 of them probably will finish in the
top ten).  Come on guys, let's cut out the round-robin QSOs.

73, Jim K4MA

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