[3830] N4PK Sprint SSB

Paul E. Knupke, Jr. pk at ij.net
Sun Sep 17 15:06:20 EDT 2000

              2000 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN SPRINT

     Call used: N4PK                                 Location: FL

     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: PHONE           Power: 100W

     Callsign of Operator: N4PK

     Hours of Operation: 02:29

     band      QSOs     points
      80          0          0
      40         24         24
      20         34         34
     TOTAL       58         58   X   25 multipliers  =  1,450

     Club or Team Name: Florida Contest Group #1

I was going to go to Sebring (about 2 hours) to guest op at N4TO but thanks
to Hurricane Gordon (thats why I used that name..) I didn't think it was a
good idea to make the drive.    One of my worst sprints ... Didn't even get
on 80 and probably would not be worth the trouble anyway.

Took me an hour to make 25Q ...

Antenna: Tribander lower to 25' due to hurricane Gordon approaching, Low
100 watts.

Very frustrating!


Paul E. Knupke, Jr.
pk at ij.net
Largo, FL  ICQ# 605259
Amateur Radio: N4PK
ASM WCF Section
N4PK/R 442.150 (103.5)
Clearwater, FL

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