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Mon Sep 25 14:35:47 EDT 2000

2000 CQ WW RTTY Contest

Call used:    MM0BYC
Location:      RAF Kinloss, Scotland  IO86FP 

Entry Class: Single Op, All Band, Very Low Power (See station description)

               QSOs Points  Zones   DX:   States  Multipliers  Score
80m:      70           142          6           30      1
40m:      81           172          9           33      3
20m:     265       585        19            56    20
15m:     188       446        19            45    27
10m:     106       272        16            35    21
Total:   710     1617         69          199     72            340


Station Description: OMNI-V (now broken), 20W workbench Broadband HF AMP 
replacing finals stage of rig.
Writelog 10.19F (About the only thing that didn't break)
Antenna(s): R6000 L-shaped Vertical (Mast bent in gales during contest), 
80/40 Trap dipole that didn't blow away.
Operator: One tired olde codger.

Remarks: The (old and usually trusty) TenTec Omni-V PA (transistors) failed 
just about three hours before the contest.  
To enable contesting, jury rigged a 20 watt HF broadband workbench test amp 
fed from the external rear PA bypass, and 
then ran that inline through an LP filter.  During contest, gales bent R6000

vertical mast into an inverted L shape and
broke the cherry tree limb holding one end of the dipole.   
Wouldn't have missed all this fun for anything!   
Every 20 watts = half a million points.  Tough on 80/40 with all the static.
Guess, I know what my winter repair projects are now.  

CU in the next RTTY contest!

"I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is correct
and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the
decisions of the Awards Committee."

Date ___/___/___  Signature ____________________________Call __________

Rich Stocking     MM0BYC
45 Muirton Place
Kinloss, Forres

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