[3830] NA Sprint SSB K3CR HP

jimb at psu.edu jimb at psu.edu
Thu Sep 28 02:52:36 EDT 2000

                     NA Sprint - SSB
Call: K3CR
Operator: WA3FET
Station: K3CR

Power: HP
Radios: SO2R

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     75   
   40:    122   
   20:     79   
Total:    276 Qs   47 Mults =  12,972

Club/Team: North Coast Contesters



20M - 6/6/6 48 ft boom OWA Yagis with top at 180 ft
40M - 3 el V-Yagi (40 ft boom) switchable and rotatable, 55 ft
    - 2 by 2 Curtain Array at 170 ft (NE/SW)
80M - Flat dipole at 170 ft (NE/SW), Inverted-V at 100 ft (NW/SE)

Stacked Log-Periodics (38 ft boom) at 100 and 35 ft

Rigs: FT1000MP
Amps: Alpha 87A
Software: NA for 2 radios

Well Jim, KB3AFT, who normally does all the contests here wanted to go fishing.
 So he sort of talked me into trying this for the first time.  It was fun
to be honest but I can see it will take me a lot of learning curve to ever even
have a chance to be more competitive in this.  Everything worked but really
could not ever attempt much to use the 2 radio setup except to see when the
other band was opening.   My third hour really hit bottom which probably means
I was getting tired or something.  80M seemed to perk me back up a little the
last hour.

My hat is off to the guys who really do good in this now and I hope Jim caught
some good fish.  I'll try it again and won't give up when I can't find an
operator but hope to have Jim or our new guy here at PSU, Eric, NI3S, give it a
try the next time.

I did have fun in this and all the equipment worked flawlessly.  Of course, one
of the amps needed new bleeder resistors put in on Friday night when they just
decided to blow out when Mike, N3MJ, and I were outside working on some
antennas and they just blew.  At least this didn't happen in the contest.

73 and glad to contribute some score to the NCC team from Penn State.

Also, appreciate the comment from Pat, N9RV, for his vote for me being the
loudest signal in this.  I can see that one needs a lot more than loud to do
good in this.


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