[3830] J41YM - EA RTTY SOAB HP - claimed score

Oldrich Linhart - OK1YM ok1ym at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 11:19:45 EDT 2001

EAWW RTTY Contest 

Call used: J41YM
Location:  Athens

Entry Class: Single Op, All Band
Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH  Dist    DX
80        16    57     1     0    13
40        97   345     9     6    31
20       374   504    18    18    50
15       218   270    21    16    43
10        90   124    18    11    28
Total    795  1300    67    51   165
Claimed Score: 367900

Software: RTTY by WF1B  v5.02 

Power Output: 300W, on 80m only 100W
TCVR : TS 850S 
Ant 1 - 16 el Logperiodic beaming to OK
Ant 2 - Dipole for 80

QSL cards via
OK DX Foundation 
P.O.Box 73, 

I got this callsign friday so it will take some time for preparing and
printing QSL cards.
Please do not send QSL cards via SV bureau I´m not a member of R.A.A.G.

I was happy to work

BV1YA on 15m
CO2OJ on 10m
7X4MD on 20m
9K2/KM5FY on 20
C31PM on 15m
D2BB on 10m
VP9GE on 10m
VU2TRI on 10m
YB5QZ on 15m

I used WF1B v 5.02 and I had some little problems.
I used 2nd radio TS 940S with MMTTY SW and dipole for 80m to search some
mult and checking
high bands openings. It help me little.

CONDX were bad. 15m band was not opened to central EU saturday morning but
afternoon !!
10m was not open at all to central EU. On 40m a lot QRM from proffesional
jammer and vy
low activity. In spite of this 20m was open all the night.

I broke 800 QSO when logged last contact with OK1HEH as NR 801 for the
first time on RTTY.
But there are some dupes.

Thanks and CUL next - Olda OK1YM ( J41YM in contests from Greece )

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