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Tue Apr 17 16:51:09 EDT 2001

                     JIDX HF CW Contest
Call: RA9OW
Operator(s): RA9OW
Station: RA9OW

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 28,5

 Band     QSOs  Mults
   20:    122     33
   15:    143     39
   10:     41     23
Total:    306     95  =  32,965

Club: Central Siberia DX Club


The very often mentioned lately Mr.Murphy seems to have liked being our guest.

Both days the stations in my skip zone were louder than JAs on 28 mc. Almost 
all Qs on this band were the big guns I could manage to invite from 15.
The first day someone /KH2, and most of EU on the second day seemd to have good 
time. I thought I might do good SWL. It's been a lot of water under the 
bridge... though. 

21 mc was the only good band, but "good" in this case is kind of relative.
The whole number of Qs I made in the contest could easily be done in less than 
2 hours if it were really good. Well, thanks anyway.

20 m was better than 10. The condx to JA was FB the first evening and the whole 
second night. But who needs RA9 on 20 m in Japan? Otherwise, why so few people 
called in the contest while JA2IGY beacon on 14.100 being 599+ most of that 
time. Or was it sleepy time down... East? 

My home-made 12V power supply with diodes holding continuous 50A current said 
"good by" at about 17.30 UT on Sunday. Spent two hours replacing those poor 
things and found no obvious reason why it would happen. Next morning red about 
another solar event starting Sunday 17.15 UT... Must be a coincidence?

One good thing is that such poor conditions and not very high JA activity made 
my chances in this contest more even with those who have better setup.

rig: ICOM-751A
ant: Delta loop for 80 m band @ 100 ft

73! Ilya, RA9OW

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