[3830] WRTC2002 mailing list is open

Timo Timo
Sun Apr 22 18:13:32 EDT 2001

WRTC 2002 mailing list is open for anyone interested in WRTC2002. This is also the quickest way to get WRTC2002 information via email. Administrator for this list is Tack, JE1CKA. This is "help guide" for WRTC2002 list:

This "wrtc2002" reflector is opened for the future held WRTC
=World Radiosport Team Championship in Finland in 2002! 
This reflector will be opened to any people who are interested in 
the First Biggest Ham Radio event in the 21st Century. You can freely 
discuss or exchange informations on the WRTC2002.

  If you wish to unsubscribe or subscribe the "wrtc2002", send 
an email to the following address;
<wrtc2002-request at ne.nal.go.jp>
unsubscribe wrtc2002 your_callsign <your_email_address>
subscribe wrtc2002 your_callsign <your_email_address>
either message in the body of email.

*Email address change
  If you wish to change your email address, send the following 
message to;
<wrtc2002-request at ne.nal.go.jp>
replace wrtc2002 your_callsign <your_NEW_email_address>

The old address will be replaced with new one.

*Past article archive
  All the posted articles will be archived by the list-server.
If you wish to get past articles, send an email to;

<wrtc2002-command at ne.nal.go.jp> with 
in the body of the message. 
The maintainer of the "wrtc2002" is Tack JE1CKA/KH0AM.
<je1cka at nal.go.jp>
If you have any problems or query to this digested reflector, 
please contact me directly at the above address.


If you have any questions about WRTC2002 mail them to the WRTC2002 mailing list or
to: Timo OH1NOA ( oh1noa at qsl.net ) or Ari OH1EH ( oh1eh at sral.fi ).

73, Timo OH1NOA
WRTC2002 webmaster ( http://www.wrtc2002.org )
Competitor Correspondence Coordinator
Timo Klimoff                                 timo.klimoff at kolumbus.fi
++Ham/Search/Blake/Kewl at   http://www.qsl.net/oh1noa

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