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Mon Apr 23 16:15:38 EDT 2001

Well here is it folks, the results of the AF8A/M sojurn into the northern 
reaches of MRRC Land for the MQP.  We made it into all seventeen counties 
(with a second trip through portions of Sanilac and Monroe) that we had 
planned to visit.

Co.        CW Q's      SSB Q's        Total County Mults      County Score

MONR        21          9               29                  1885
WAYN        22          4               21                  1003
OAKL        13          1               12                   324
MACO        20          9               21                  1029
STCL        21          16              28                  1624
SANI        25          20              33                  2310
HURO        23          14              24                  1440
TUSC        21          6               19                   912
LAPE        30          1               24                  1464
GENE        26          5               24                  1368
SAGI        42          2               28                  2408
GRAT        43          8               33                  3102
CLIN        30          0               21                  1260
SHIA        37          2               20                  1520
INGH        26          1               14                   742
LIVI        18          6               16                   672
WASH        21          0               13                   546

Total CW QSO's    439
Total SSB QSO's   104
Total Mults              90

Total aggregate score   23,614

We had a blast.  We were a bit disappointed at the beginning of the contest 
since there were not too may stations to work while we were still in the 
metro area.  Once we got out into the coutnry though the rates picked up.  
Both Gary and I noticed that there was quite a bit of activity since there 
were a lot og guys that were giving us low numbers and we didn't seem to
the same ten people in every county.  We thought that we should have had
Q's in Huron and Tuscola than we had but Gratiot made up for this by being 
the biggest rate county.

Gary made a comment that busted me up.  He said that because of the
of some of the state routes in Michigan, the name of the contest should be 
changed to the "Bosnia QSO Party."  Some of the state routes are pretty bad 
(you were right about MI beating OH in bad road conditions Dave).  Also 
thanks for the heads up from K8GL about M-46 in Saginaw.  We stayed on the 
route since the traffic was pretty light, but were prepared to make a detour

if necessary.

We worked all of the mobile stations except for K8XXX during the contest.
did get a Q with XXX about 15 minutes before the contest started though!

Stations heard everywhere  KU8E, K8MFO, AD1C, and a few others that slip the

memory banks at the present time.  KU8E and MFO were the loudest on the band

until we heard N8BU who was booming in (even though we called him for what 
seems an eternity on 80 when we were in Ingham County).  We also worked Tom,

K5IID in a lot of counties.

40 and 20 were the bands to be on during the day.  Tried 15 a couple times 
but no Q's.  When the sun went down 80 was fun.  We got about 20 minutes 
behind schedule when we decided to be a good sport and put the 75m Hamstick 
on to make a few Q's in the realm of the pig farmers.  What a bust!  Besides

we lost some of the time retuning both the 75m and 80m whips due to 
interaction by being only about 4 feet apart.  Both antennas played well 
though.  Other than this delay, we stayed either on schedule or 10-15
ahead of schedule for the whole time.

The only bad part was the drive back to Cleveland after the test and the 
drive for W8AV back to Wooster.  Got home at 3:15 AM and was bushed!!!!!
you can probably twist our collective arm to do it again next year.  It was 
780 miles of fun!

73....................de Goose W8AV

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