[3830] K4FCG/Mobile FQP

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Apr 29 23:35:49 EDT 2001

...I just walked through the door, at last - my bed!

Will have detailed breakdown info after I recover in a day or two, we
covered 28 different counties in the Central and Northeastern part of
FL...but we are:

1) Sorry to everybody for our poor ability at copying you - ignition noise
hosed anything above 20 meters and even 20 was almost un-usable - Kevin
(N4KM) and I would sometimes depress the clutch to slow the engine down to
pull out the hopefully copy-able stations...when we were in Volusia so was
the K5WA/N6MU team and they were working guys we could not even hear, so we
pulled and turned the rig off and we still couldn't hear what they
worked...if I understand correctly they did this from a rental car - I WANNA

2) No doubt conditions REALLY stank, A & K indices were our enemy - with low
signal strengths losing to ignition noise repeatedly...most times big gun
signals would be S2 - sometimes N2AA was S1, K8CC was S1...in a matter of
minutes W4AN went form 20 over to S2....if it wasn't the right moment on our
end we most likely CQ'd in your face cause we didn't even know you were

3) We need a better procedure for the net Saturday night - still think the
old out - of - state net control is better - less problems re local
non-skip - we beat our heads into the wall trying to check in finally to
give up and call WC4E on the phone with our info....yes, Jeff - I know

4) N4KM is a great guy, we made the best of the weekend and we did have some
fun - total mileage on the truck this weekend was about equal to driving to
Wichita Kansas...or...upper New England - conclusion: Hams Are Nuts!

5) The Michigan guys need to take up a collection and buy W8WVU a new rig
(N4KM & I will contribute!) - swish!

6) We found 40 Meters on Saturday late was great, 20 meters was best with a
half hour to go in the contest on Sunday - ignition noise less of problem
lower in freq we went, too bad 40 was not used more...I would guess only
about 20 to 25 European QSOs total

7) Just guessing, and way too tired to figure it out, but total probably
about 700 some odd QSOs total

8) Only know of one sweep - K3WW but am certain there will be others

Details to follow, again sorry for being Florida Alligators with the
ignition noise QRN..



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