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AG8L3830 at aol.com AG8L3830 at aol.com
Sun Apr 29 20:12:50 EDT 2001

                       Florida QSO Party -- 2001

Call:      AG8L
Category:  Single Operator
Power:     Low Power 
Band:      All Band (see comments!)
Mode:      Mixed Mode 
State:     MI


 CW      189      378       61
SSB       45       45       25
Totals   234      423       86  =   72,756

By Band:  QSOs    Mults
    40:    37        9
    20:   177       77
    15:    20        0
          234       86

I was fully expecting 10 and 15 to provide lots of activity, but
those bands were dead when the contest started, and 20 was pretty
crappy too.  When I first listened to 20, I thought the antenna was
disconnected because there was just nothing there.  Conditions did
improve, but never got really good -- even today periods where the
few really strong stations faded almost completely out.

I was surprised at the amount of CW activity, especially among the
county mobiles, but many of the guys on CW were just in there and I
would not have been able to copy them on SSB.

Special thanks to the many county mobile expeditions that really
helped keep the interest level up on Sunday.  It was hard to find
new stations to work, so it was really nice to find the mobiles
frequently showing up in needed counties, or just helping out with
the QSO points.  The biggest problem I had was trying to avoid dupes
on the county mobiles towards the end -- I was using CT, and only
had info on the last county that a station was in.

Congratulations to the FQP organization -- this looks like a contender
for one of the top state QSO parties and I have been impressed by
the ongoing publicity.  Seems like I'm reading something by Jim, K4OJ
promoting the contest at least weekly! hi  Good job Jim!

73, Dave AG8L

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