[3830] FQP W8MJ SO Mixed LP

w8mj at peoplepc.com w8mj at peoplepc.com
Mon Apr 30 22:46:10 EDT 2001

                     Florida QSO Party
Call: W8MJ
Operator(s): W8MJ
Station: W8MJ

Class: SO Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13.5
Radios: SO2R

Summary: Phone    CW
 Mode     QSOs   QSOs
   40:     27      1
   20:    209    155
   15:     14      1   Total   Phone   CW    Total
   10:                 QSOs    Mults  Mults  Mults
Total:    157    250    407  (   45 +   67 )  112  =  147,168

Club: Mad River Radio Club


I originally started out in the contest just to hand out a few contacts to the 
Florida guys as a means of reciprocating for their involvement in the Michigan 
QSO Party the previous week.  However, with the activity as good as it was, I 
got caught up in it.  Not being able to put in a full time effort due to prior 
commitments; I purposefully managed to work in 13.5 hours between taking the 
wife out on Saturday evening to the high school play and dinner, and going to 
church on Sunday morning.  I tried to maximize my efforts with the time I had 
to operate, and utilizing SO2R certainly helped me to do that.   

Most of my time was spent on 20 meters split between SSB and CW.  I have a 
phased set of TH7'S on one tower and an A-3 on another, and with the towers far 
enough apart, I was able to CQ and work people on SSB with one radio while 
working CW in-between on the other radio, and/ or visa versus.  I was only able 
to get on 40 meters for the first hour on Sunday morning before going to 
church, and logged a few on CW.   I kept checking 15 and 10 meters both days, 
but conditions were not good at all, and only managed a few contacts on 15 and 
nothing on 10.  

Enough cannot be said about the tremendous job by all the mobiles in this 
contest.   The efforts and operating skills that they put in getting the 
counties out on the air were truly exceptional.  These guys deserve big time 
kudos for a job well done.  I can't help but think that these guys must of 
thought I was riding in the car with them the way I kept working them.  Along 
with the instate fixed stations getting on the air the activity kept my 
interest up enough to keep operating in trying to get all the counties.   Some 
of the notable mobile stations I worked included K5WA, N4TO, W5WMU, N4BP, 
K4LAW, K4FCG, N4OO, NF4A, and N2NL.   I apologize to those that I may have 
forgotten and failed to mention.  Depending on conditions, all the mobiles from 
time to time had real good signals.  It seemed like N2NL was loud every time I 
worked him, it must have been the phased 20-meter whips.  Maybe I can convince 
K8CC we need to do this next year for MQP.  To work all 67 counties on CW in my 
opinion was pretty darn cool.  A big thanks goes out to K5WA team for most 
likely going out of their way to get me HOLMES County.  In essence they 
provided me with my sweep on CW, because they gave me the last three counties I 
needed, Holmes, Okaloosa, and Walton.  I also was fortunate enough to work 
another 45 counties on SSB as well.   

Overall, it was a great contest to be involved in.  Hopefully, I can do it 
again next year and be full time.  A great job by the FQP group!!!!   




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