[3830] NA Sprint CW AE6Y HP

andrew.faber at gte.net andrew.faber at gte.net
Sun Feb 11 00:34:04 EST 2001

                     NA Sprint - CW
Call: AE6Y
Operator: AE6Y
Station: AE6Y

Power: HP

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     48   :34
   40:    114   1:33
   20:    135   1:52
Total:    297 Qs   48 Mults =  14,256

Club/Team: NCCC #1


   Enjoyed this much more than the phone sprint. I was surprised how good condx 
were to the East Coast on 40 and 80 -- was surprised never to  hear VT, AR, LA, 
VE2 or VE4. CW sure is easier on your ears (and no over processed signals as in 
   As an aside: Why do some ops send their call at the end of the exchange when 
they are the "soliciting" stn, and thus are supposed to send their call at the 
start of the QSO?  Even some high scorers do this; the result is wasted time 
all around and lots of unnecessary qrm as someone tries to call him while the 
other station is giving his exchange. 
  73, andy, ae6y

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