[3830] OT1T ARRL CW 80 M

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at pandora.be
Tue Feb 20 13:28:03 EST 2001



CATEGORY: Single Operator single band (80) High Power

BAND       VALID QSOs     W/VE mults
80                781                    57

SCORE:   781   QSOs  * 3  = 2343  x    57  Multipliers =   133,551

STATION: FT100MP plus ACOM 2000, Phased 160 m long Beverages (90 deg
out of phase)

COMMENTS: The cycle is on its way down, so maybe we should see some
improvement as far as the low bands are concerned. Well it turned out to be
only half true. The high bands were excellent, including 10 meter, which did
not seem to suffer from it at all. But 80 meters was way better than last
year. With 15 % more QSOs and pretty good propagation all the way west (I
worked 95 W6-7 stations) I had a ball. If the high bands had been worse, we
would have had more people coming down on the low bands, and the QSO total
would be higher. During sunspot minimum I work over 1200 stations, now we
reached almost 800. Missed only 1 US state (S. DAK). Where was W0SD?? Just
like last year I worked K6DX/m, the only difference being this year he
worked me on both nights... I did the entire contest on 3500.7 MHz, and was
only bothered 2 or 3 times by guys trying to take over the frequency. All by
all it was a very gentlemen like contest, not to speak about the deliberate
jamming I suffered from the first night (CW signals sending TEST 599
endlessly, the sigs came from SE), but the US/VE signals were so strong that
I could work most of them through the jammer. That must have disappointed
him, and finally he went away. Fortunately the phased Beverages cut the
jammer down about 30 dB... And, big surprise, both nights were equally good!

I would be interested in knowing how the OT1T signals stood up against  some
of the other Europeans (especially in the South).

I really enjoyed the contest. See you all in the phone section!

73, John - ON4UN

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