[3830] ARRL CWLP -SO - VO1MP

Gus Samuelson gussam at newcomm.net
Mon Feb 26 13:00:47 EST 2001

                 ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST -- 2001

      Call:      VO1MP
      Category:  SINGLE OPERATOR
      Power:     Low Power
      Band:      All Band
      Mode:      CW
      Section:   NL


      160       53      159   3.0       32
       80      216      648   3.0       54
       40      201      603   3.0       65
       20      149      447   3.0       59
       15      255      765   3.0       74
       10      567     1701   3.0       77

     Totals   1441     4323   3.0      361  =   1,560,603

Soap Box:
 Title : Why the score wasn't higher or
         A score like THIS with no Antennas !!

Conditions must have been terrific , but I guess I missed an opportunity to
really enjoy them. I have often won the  LP W/VE category  with a score like
that one !
 This has been the worst winter in VO since 1882 !!
Yep 119 year  old records have gone down . So far we have had 450 + cms
of snow and not finished yet. For those who don't do metric that's
 approximately 14.75 feet !! and it's all still on the ground.
 So late fall antenna casualties are still unattended, Needless to say .
 Can't remember when low band and High band conditions were both as good
 on the same contest weekend.

 The only resonant antennas were 10 meter beam and 80 meter dipole.
 When you can work 32 countries/low power on 160,   using your 80
 meter dipole you gotta believe that band was cookin'.
 My forty meter dipole blew down in early December at the start
 of snow season, so in order to keep the wire from getting buried
 by the winter, I hastily attached it at the 20 foot level on my
 hilltop tower , just to more or less get it out of the way. It's still
  there ! This was my 15/40/20 Antenna. My 15 meter beam and my 20 meter
beam both
  were wind casualties and are in the reconstruct stage.While I couldn't run
much with it,
  I was able to work just about everything I heard. Not sure if this was a
joke or no ! but was
called by P51BH on 15 meters mebbe he forgot to sign /OH   hi! Let the log
checkers deal with it.
 It was fun to scoot around from band to band with some of the guys who
 the MX , The fact that some managed to hear me at all was a testimonial to
 great ears and operating abilities.
 Not sure if I can get on for the SSB portion , my 80 meter antenna
 blew down  this past weekend so now it only my low forty at 20 ft and my 10
meter yagi. Oh well
  I guess I'll make do with what I have until spring comes and the snow
melts ( sometime in mid July  hi ! )
73 C'yall Next one GLWCDR.

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