[3830] RTTY Roundup 9A7P M/S LP

hrle at rkp.ice.hr hrle at rkp.ice.hr
Tue Jan 9 11:03:14 EST 2001

                     ARRL RTTY Roundup
Call: 9A7P
Operator(s): 9A6XX, 9A5AEI
Station: 9A7P

Class: M/S LP
QTH: Croatia
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band     QSOs 
   80:    165
   40:    103
   20:    116
   15:    100     <-----Multipliers ----->
   10:    123   States  Provinces  DX   Total
Total:    607     46               58    104   =  63,128

Club: WWYC


Soapbox: 3rd time in this contest. Had fun as always and learned
something new. Really nice rules which are good for low power stations.
Condx where ufb on low bands and was easier to work NA on 40m then EU
while on 80m N1KAF and K5ZD came with almost a S9 sig, and we just had
dipoles there. Missed some easy states like GA, KY (both heard) and easy
DXCC like YO, CN, PJ2 (all heard with big sigs).
Thanks to all and hope to see some more in our log next year.
73 de 9A6XX Hrle & 9A5AEI Pat

hrle at rkp.ice.hr

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