[3830] NA QSO Party - VE5CPU - SOAB-SSB

Bart Ritchie VE5CPU ve5cpu at sk.sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 21 14:17:26 EST 2001


Call used: VE5CPU
Location: SK    Mode: Phone
Category: Single Op All Band
Exchanged Information: VE5CPU BART SK
Hours of Operation: 10:00

  band      QSOs      points   mults
  160          1           1       1
   80         21          21      17
   40         94          94      37
   20        135         135      44
   15        173         173      43
   10        228         228      33
  TOTAL      652         652     175      SCORE: 114,100

Originally only going to do a short effort, but the wife was called into
work and I had the afternoon to myself.  A quick reset of goals and I was off
and running.  The effort resulted in my best ever result in this contest.

Conditions were very good, especially on the high bands... at least until the
effects of a small flair hit and then things took a dip for an hour or so.
10 meters was the place to start and fully occupied the first 2.5 hours,
although in retrospect the last half hour was soft and I should have went to
15 meters.  When I did go to 15, the rate moved from the low 90's to greater
than 150 Qs an hour.  By the end of the forth hour, the effects of the flair
seem to settle in, the casual ops went to supper and the rate halved. I went
to 20 meters and worked up the multiplier count.  An hour on 20 gave me more
mults than I had on 15, so I bounced back and forth on 15 and 20 trying to
improve on the mult count on 15 when the run rate on 20 slowed down.  By the
end of the 7th hour I was pretty much in search and pounce mode.  Basic wire
antennas on a city lot make it tough to run on the lower bands.  I did manage a
40 minute run on 40 meters in the 8th hour, but with only a rotatable dipole at
50 feet, its tough to keep a frequency. I found the best spot to be just above
one of the broadcast stations, but it did mean not hearing any of the weaker
stations.  Given that I have pretty weak antennas on 80 & 160, I had planned to
due the first 10 hours straight.  This did not leave much time for the 80/160,
the last hour was pure search & pounce on 40/80/160, with 80 not being that 
at 03Z.

As always, the contest is made enjoyable by the hundreds of participants and
to each and every one of you, THANKS!  See you all in the next one.

73, Bart - VE5CPU
. B.R. (Bart) Ritchie       	Internet: ve5cpu at sk.sympatico.ca .
. Regina, SK Canada                                             .

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