[3830] CQ160 CW K8ND SO HP

jmaass at columbus.rr.com jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jan 28 12:13:59 EST 2001

                     CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW
Call: K8ND
Operator(s): K8ND
Station: K8ND

Class: SO HP
Operating Time (hrs): ~23

QSOs: 757  States/Provinces: 55  Countries: 31  Score: 170,022


  FT1000MP, Alpha 91b
  TX Ant:  Inverted-L (45-feet vertical, ~85-feet horizontal)
  RX Ants: Four 2-wire "Shorty Beverages"

Blowing snow made the start of the contest very noisy here. Weather radar 
showed that we were to be clear of the snowstorm sometime around 0500Z, so (of 
course) at 0400Z the support rope for the top wire of my Inverted-L broke. No 
second transmit antenna, and it was not repairable (by me, anyway) in the dark. 
At the end of Night One, I had only 268 QSO and 53 mults (13 countries). (only 
EA8, F, G, and Caribbean and South American countries. Caught up on my sleep, 
and replaced the support rope during Saturday daylight, and got a fresh start 
on Night Two. 

Night Two was clear and cold, and the band was pretty quiet. I spent a lot of 
time S&Ping up and down the band (something I dislike, and am forcing myself to 
practice) and experimented with using the second VFO of the FT1000MP to spot 
multipliers (and pileups) while CQing. I need that second radio!

Europe was pretty good on Night Two from Ohio. I worked nearly everything I 
heard (I couldn't get IT9ZGY to hear me before he vanished), but I was 
straining to hear many of those at the bottom of the piles. QSB was taking them 
up above and below the noise. East coasters should be required to swap stations 
cor this contest with midwesterners one year out of every four, to instill 
humility in them! 

Sunday morning I could barely hear the Pacific stations (VK, ZL, V7) that 
people were calling, and never heard a JA. No joy.

Worked all states and DC, but missed several of the VE multipliers: NS, SK, 
NWT, YT, PEI, NF, and LB.

Worked countries: 4X, 9A, CT3, DL, EA, EA8, F, FM, FY, G, HI, I, KH6, KL7, KP2, 
KP4, LX, OK, OM, ON, P4, S5, SP, UA, UA2, V3, VP5, XE, YU, YV, ZF.

I worked 200 more QSOs, two more countries, and one more State/Province than 
last year's part-time effort. But I got more sleep!

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