[3830] K9PW VHF SOLP Results

Walter Pete-CPW005 Pete.Walter@motorola.com
Fri Jun 15 19:25:44 EDT 2001

Single Op Low Power
Portable at EN52sa

50     464   121
144    204    51
222     56    24
432     96    30
903     13    11
1.2     24    13
2.3      6     5
3.4      4     4
5.7      5     5
10G      5     5
24G      0     0
TOTAL  877   269  =  312847

Equipment Description:
  50 MHz FT726         200W  4 el @ 30'
 144 MHz FT726         200W 19 el @ 25'
 222 MHz TS820+ conv    80W 18 el @ 20'
 432 MHz FT726         100W 30 el @ 22'
 903 MHz FT726+ conv     7W 33 el @ 13'
 1.3 GHz FT726+ conv    10W 55 el @ 13'
 2.3 GHz FT726+ conv    10W 3' dish @ 10'
 3.4 GHz FT726+ conv    10W 3' dish @ 10'
 5.7 GHz FT726+ conv     5W 3' dish @ 10'
  10 GHz FT726+ conv     3W 2' dish @ 8'
  24 GHz FT726+ DB6NT  0.1W 2' dish @ 8'

Six started hot to the west (CO, WY, UT), but after an hour or two it was
dead. At around 21Z the aurora started.  Over the next 2 hours some of the
longer QSOs on 6 & 2 meters were north to K9IZ (EN67) & KX9X (EN57), east to
VE3OIK (FN03) & K8GP (FM08), south to K4TO (EM77), west to KE0Z & KM0T
(EN13), northwest to W0PHD (EN18).  The evening hours had the typical local
contacts as well as some longer microwave contacts.  K2YAZ (230 miles) and
WW8M (225 miles) were worked thru 10 GHz.  At 05Z 6 meters opened to the
east starting with W3s then W2 and W1.  Signals were extremely strong from
New England, but due to the late time of night activity was low.  125 six
meter contacts were made between 0500-0745Z.  Rates had dropped too low, so
it was time for a nap.

Sunday morning started with Florida stations at 0945Z as well as a few more
New England stations.  1245Z to 1500Z was spent working W5 primarily in TX.

On Sunday afternoons when 6 is dead, rover activity is the only hope for
QSOs.  Fewer rovers were out this time, but 50-60 rover contacts on Sunday
afternoon were really appreciated.  WB9SNR/R wasn't on because he didn't
have time to "roverize" his new vehicle.  Hopefully he will be on again in
the future.  His QSOs on 10 or 11 bands from 6-8 grids were certainly

Six opened again at 0030Z, this time to VE1, VE9, VY2 with big pileups that
were difficult to bust thru.  The next 1.5 hour also had a few more New
England QSO's on 6.  The final hour was very slow with only a handful of
local contacts.  Not enough for a new record but still a great time.

Very little line noise was a nice surprise.  The site has had problems in
the past.  Lot's of little equipment problems were a nuisance throughout
this contest.  I shouldn't complain since Murphy hasn't visited me in 10
years!  Nice weather made for easy setup and teardown of the portable setup.
Perhaps my last portable single-op.  But I've said that before....


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