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Thu Jun 7 10:04:08 EDT 2001

                     CQWW WPX - CW
Call: JA8RWU
Operator(s): JA8RWU
Station: JA8RWU

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Chitose
Operating Time (hrs): 36.0

 Band     QSOs   Prefixes
   40:     55
   20:    905
   15:    955
   10:     13
Total:   1928 x    663  =  3,575,559



Despite my children's school sports on Sunday(same situation
in 2001&1999), I managed to operate as a single OP for 36 hours.
Papa enjoyed both sports(their&mine) and driving two-way-qso from
the remote shack to the ground using my rest time.
No EU/NA/SA on 10m from here, while I wkd them in '99 and other
JA area wkd them this year, so I just called them(JAs) on 10m.

Compared to '99(I missed 2000WPX)
                        2001        1999
less Q's               1,928       2,046
one more mults           663         662
less score         3,575,559   3,811,796 (both are claimed)
one more JA Q's          145         144
(Even the same JA activity, I complain the number :-)

I had a problem with my finger and am now getting well
thanks to an operation and a rehabilitation training by
myself. So I could play with the radio with very little problem
in WPX CW and it was also good to rehabilitate :-)
You can see me at:
We were working in the All JA contest(the biggest domestic one)
in late April at my QTH.
First time ever JA8RWU M/S with useless RWU :-)

CU on 20/15m in AP sprint this weekend (11-13z, 9th) !

73's Akira JA8RWU

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