[3830] W9SZ June VHF QSO Party

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Mon Jun 11 14:57:34 EDT 2001

                       ARRL VHF QSO PARTY -- June 2001

      Call: W9SZ                     State: IL 
      Grid Square: EN50xf            Category: Single Operator Portable

      BAND     QSO    QSO PTS      GRIDS

      144       11       11          10
      222        6       12           6
      432        8       16           8

     Totals     25       39          24  =   936

Equipment Description: Homebrew transverters with HTX-100 as IF rig,
watts out.  Homebrew 6-el longboom Yagi (Elephant Gun) for 144 MHz.
Homebrew 8-el Elephant Gun Yagi for 222.  15-el NBS Yagi for 432.

Club Affiliation: Society of Midwest Contesters

I was only able to get on for this contest on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Murphy struck just after I got my antennas set up when high winds on the
hilltop took them down.  My 50 MHz yagi and 903 and 1296 MHz loopers
damaged to the point I couldn't use them in the contest. I managed to
the 6-meter beam today and think I can recover the loop yagis.  I
to get the 144, 222 and 432 antennas into useable shape after an hour of
bending during the contest.

Conditions were not great; I actually had better signals on 222 and 432
than I did on 144.  I usually made a QSO on 144 and then went up the
if the other station had them. Maybe I should've stuck on 432 and worked
my way down?

73, Zack W9SZ

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