[3830] N5RZ - 2001 VHF QSO 6M LP

Bowen, Ralph rbowen at PureResources.com
Tue Jun 12 08:53:01 EDT 2001

2001 VHF QSO Party
6 meter single band  -  low power

N5RZ    Grid:  DM81      West Texas

465 QSO's
151 Grids

Claimed Score:  70,215

Yaesu FT920 100W
5el Cushcraft (12' boom) @ 65'
Halo at 60'

Saturday was torture!!  Band was pretty good up to the beginning.  Actually
had K3MQH on the hook at 1757Z, but he faded out never to heard again.

Contest started with an opening to ND SD NE & MN for about an hour, then a
short opening to the Pacific NW.   Then band hiss for about 3 - 4 hours.

Struggled to get 79 qsos in the log by 0400Z, and after an hour of band hiss
(and very bored!), went to bed about 0500Z.   Apparently, the band opened
shortly thereafter for W5KFT (about 225 miles SE of me).   Don't know what I
missed but they got some New England I believe.

Up again about 1030Z to be greeted by big sigs from W7KK (dupe), and no one
else.  The 1100Z hour netted VE7DXG and a couple of others out west.  Had a
Great Lakes opening for about 1 1/2 hours beginning about 12Z.  

Open to W6/W7 off and on most of the day, growing in intensity to the end of
the contest.  Nice opening to CO/WY & Rocky 
Mountain area about 0100Z Sunday evening really helped the grid total.
Also, an opening to Florida & Carribean (ZF2, CO2) late Sunday afternoon.

Groundwave was very poor - never did make QSO's with Dallas/Houston/East

Very little else back east.  The 4's & 9's (normally by bread & butter) were
very scarce this weekend.

Haven't operated this contest from home in a few years.  Had to work
Saturday morning so couldn't make it to W5KFT, and my Rover truck is in the
shop, so decided to give it a shot.  I love this band!!

Thanks to all for the QSO's.

73,  Gator

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