[3830] N7IR June VHF SO Portable

Gary Hembree gary.hembree at asu.edu
Tue Jun 12 12:57:35 EDT 2001

                       ARRL VHF QSO PARTY -- 2001

      Call:      N7IR
      Category:  Single Operator Portable
      Section:   Arizona
      Location:  DM44 (7332' ASL)

      BAND     QSO    QSO PTS      GRIDS

       50       96       96          63
      144       21       21           8
      432        9       18           4

     Totals    126      135          75  =   10,125

Equipment Description:
50 and 144 MHz: Elecraft K2, Ten-Tec 1208 and 1210 transverters
432 MHz: RS HTX-100, Microwave Modules 432-28S transverter
Antennas: 3el 6m Yagi at 33', 9el 2m Yagi at 17', 18el 70cm Yagi
          at 26'.  33 and 26 foot Portple(tm) masts

Broke the old section record by a factor of 4.  Learned a valuable
lesson about laptops: don't use them in battery only operations.
Six blew wide open the last three hours of the contest and I was 
running off two crippled batteries.  Between swapping batteries
and waiting for them to recover I probably lost half of the opening.
The last QSO was with W6OAL in DM79 who supplied the masts that 
helped to make this operation so much fun.
Gary, N7IR

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