[3830] NX5M ARRL VHF- Limited Multi- LP

Bob NX5M nx5m at alpha1.net
Thu Jun 14 23:08:34 EDT 2001

Call Used:  NX5M
Station:  NX5M
Catagory:  Limited Multi-Op Low Power
Grid Square:  EM10

  50         279         100
 144         34            11
 432         10             5

ALL        323           116               38,628

Equipment:  6m- Yaesu FT-920 (100w)
                  2m-  Icom IC-746 (100w)
                70cm- Yaesu FT-736R (8w)  ouch!
Antennas: 6m- 5el @ 90', 3el @ 45', 3el@ 32'
                2m- 10el @ 95', 9el @ 87', 10el @ 40', 15el @ 30'
               70cm- 27el @ 41'

Comments:  This was the first time to work in a vhf contest.  The approach
was casual and low key and with the band conditions the way there were, that
is exactly what it was....low key.  We did not operate during the late night
hours and seem to have missed some openings to other areas on 6m.  Saturday
was the pits.  One of the operators even left and went to a wedding that he
had decided to pass up on just to do the contest.
The most repeated comment the whole weekend, especially Sunday, was "We need
more power!" -de KB5ZFO
The antenna setup with the exception of a couple of antennas already in the
air was almost like a Field Day setup but with towers already in the air.
And as for the operating conditions......it was nice and cool in the shack
and raining cats and dogs outside (Saturday).  Sunday was still wet but it
never really rained again.
2m was a disaster with only 34 qsos logged.  At least 8 of those qsos were
with local people who we found ragchewing on 146.49, 147.55 and 147.57.
There was even one answer to a CQ on 2m FM (147.57)...surprising.
432 wasnt even worth the trouble really.  10 qsos the whole weekend.  Low
antenna and 8 watts out does not work well at all.
I think that those who came to play had a good time.  As slow as it was,
except for the openings on Sunday, there was alot of time left to sit back
and chat while the computer kept call CQ.......HISS.
Some valuable experience was gained from this.  When looking at the scores
of some of the other local stations (W5KFT and crew) it puts things into
However, my crew won because they played.....learned.....and took a step
deeper into the world of contesting.  I salute them for their patience and
the will to keep going.

My congrats to the guys out at the ranch (W5KFT) for a fine job!

If we ever do this again, maybe we will be a bit louder.

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