[3830] W1XE ARRL June VHF-Multi-Unlimited DN80

Philip F. Krichbaum pfkski at vail.net
Tue Jun 19 13:52:30 EDT 2001

W1XE Multi-Unlimited ARRL June 2001 VHF DN80
	Band	QSOs	Grids
	50	748	180
	144	107	30
	222	15	10
	432	44	16
	903	3	2
	1.2	5	2
	2.3	3	2
	10GHz	11	5
	24GHz	1	1
	LHT	2	2
		748	250     266,250

Comments: As usuall we lost some time each day to thunderstorms. The one
on Saturday bent over the mast on the tower which held most of the
antennas for 222 and above. Last year the whole tower came down about
midnight severly damageing several antennas. This year no damage to the
antennas and everything was back on in about 2 hours after a little work
on the mast with a hacksaw. I guess we need less stuff on this tower!
	6m was great for the first two hours then it got pretty sparce. Just
about the time late Saturday evening when we were ready to pull the plug
and hit the sack, it opened to the east and NW at the same time and with
the WX0B Stackmatch we were able to split the power between the 5/5 to
the NW and the 7/7 to the east. The band was open all night long and
folded up about 3 hours after daylight. Those that went to bed and
didn't get up early Sunday missed a lot! The last two hours gave us a
very intense opening to the SW with some fairly short skip and it seemed
like the MUF was close to 144MHz but never made it for US.
	2m produced some tropo enhancement, the best being to K5CM EM25 for
several hours on Saturday evening and again Sunday AM. Otherwise nothing
east past a line including EN13, EN10, EM17, EM19 etc.
	Only 3 QSOs on 903 in two grids but one of those was KM0T EN13 at just
under 500 miles. Another band with sparce activity.
	1296 seemed to be where Mr Murphy was very busy during his visit. We
ended up deaf and with no power. Just about a total system failure.
Thanks mostly to WD4MUO and N0UGY rovering on 10 GHZ we had 11 QSOs in 5
	Two QSOs on light in two grids. After dark we could move one of the
rigs about 300 yds to DN70 and get a 2nd QSO and grid.

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