[3830] N6ME ARRL FD 8A

Chip Chip
Thu Jun 28 05:51:53 EDT 2001

Here are the totals from N6ME (Western Amateur Radio Association), joined
this year by several members of the Fullerton Radio Club.

Class: 8A
Section: Orange
Power: Under 150 Watts

QSO Totals

80 CW:    124  Dipole
75 Ph:     256   Double Bazooka
40 CW:    693  2 elements East, Dipole North
40 Ph:     450   Force 12 Sigma Vertical + Inverted Vee  (Vertical worked
20 CW:   991   Moxon Rectangle at 31'
20 Ph:  1334   Three of the ugliest elements (and 5 ugliest ops) you ever
15 CW:   621   5 elements East @ 38', Bisquare North (ditto on the ugly ops)
15 Ph:     560   Four elements East @ 35'
10 CW:      19   Bisquare
10 Ph:        55   Three elements at 15'
6 Ph:        149   6-element OWA at 20'
2 Ph:          38   8 elements @ 20'
Sat:               1   Arrow
Nov:          172   Two half-wave vertical elements (parasitic)

CW Totals: 2448 QSOs
Phone Totals:  2842 QSOs

Score with Bonuses: About 16,960

Comments: Found 40 meters to be very squirrelly after about 04Z. Could not
sustain rate
at 85-90 per hour as we should be able to. Basically no long daytime skip on

Both 15 and 20 not productive Sunday morning, unlike in previous years.
Nice opening to European Russia around midnight local time Saturday
night on 15 CW, but no volume. W6EL Software correctly predicted late/loud
propagation both east and north on 15, but no activity.

Sorry to have missed working KH6HME on the brief opening on 2 meters.

Thanks to the many who complimented us on our 75-meter phone signal. It was
an FT-767GX to a
double Bazooka at about 45 feet.

Everything went up and down without problems.

Excellent food, especially the potato-cheese soup at midnight!

73 de Chip, K7JA
("Never again. . .CU next year")

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