[3830] W2GD (+KB2ERI) ARRL FD 4A NNJ

John Crovelli w2gd at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 28 14:13:53 EDT 2001

                     2001 FIELD DAY SUMMARY SHEET

Callsign Used : W2GD (+KB2ERI)

Location:  Hunterdon County Library, Flemington, NJ

Club:  Cherryville Repeater Assn. II (+ help from FRC members)

Operators: W2GD, W2NO, W2RQ, LU9AY, KE2HG, N2NC, WW2Y, W3BGN, K2TW, N2SR, 
KB2ERI, KB2YJX, KB2RWY, KC2GGB, KC2GRE, K2YSY plus an addl. 20 club  members 
who provided invaluable setup, takedown, and logistic support

Exchange : 4A NNJ <100 watts>

  BAND      QSOs

  80CW      420        Inv. V @ 50'
  80SSB     575        Inv. V @ 50'
  40CW      922        Cushcraft 402CD @ 50'  Tower 1
  40SSB     834
  20CW      700        Hygain 204BA @ 50'     Tower 2
  20SSB    1180
  15CW      291        Cushcraft 4 ele. @ 50' Tower 3
  15SSB     292
  10CW        0        Cushcraft 4 ele. @ 40' Tower 4
  10SSB      86
   6CW        9        Hygain 6 element @ 40' Tower 5
   6SSB     148
   2CW        2
   2SSB     100
  Nov. CW     6        A4 @ 40' + 80/40 Inv. V  Tower 6
  Nov. SSB  165
  Sat. SSB    6

Totals     5736 QSOS     8086 QSO Points

7.1.1 SSB QSOs            3,386
7.1.2 CW QSOs *2   4,700
Raw QSO Score             8,086

7.2.3 150W or less         X2
QSO & Power Factor       16,172

7.3.1 Emergency Power       400
7.3.2 Media Publicity       100
7.3.3 Public Locaion        100
7.3.4 Public Info Booth     100
7.3.5 Message Origination   100
7.3.7 Satellite             100
7.3.8 Natural Power         100
7.3.9 W1AW Message          100
7.3.10 Special Mode APRS    100
      and ATV
Bonus point subtotal   1,200

Total Score          17,372


After entering 6A and 5A the last two years, we slid back to our traditional 
4A, much more manageable and far less manpower intensive.  As it turned out, 
probably the right choice.

We dodged a line of t-storms Friday afternoon, they fortunately went north 
and south of our very public location at the county library.  Starting at 2 
p.m. five 40 and 50 foot 25G towers adorned with rotors and monobanders for 
40 - 10 and the Novice station tribander went up without incident ... hot 
dogs and burgers were on the grill by 5:30 p.m.

But on Saturday weather conditions went significantly down hill.  Light
showers that morning were followed by five seperate waves of strong t-storms 
starting about noon and not ending until nine that evening.  Each wave 
dropped an inch or more of rain...a soggy, muddy mess that really never 
improved.  Of course the noise levels were bad, especially on 40.  But none 
of our equipment failed...a testimony to the excellent work of the setup 

Despite the heavy rain, on Saturday we logged over 30 non-ham visitors and 2 
reporters/photographers from newspapers at our PR table.  Bonus points - 

When the noise finally abated, rates started to climb.  By the halfway point 
at 2 a.m. we had actually caught up and surpassed our record 1998 effort 
totals.  But unfortuately without 10M conditions on Sunday, the trend 
reversed and we slipped below the prior benchmark.   Is it me or was CW 
activity down in general?

The Novices worked very hard for their contacts.  Everyone hopes that
whatever replaces this position next year will provide an appropriate
setting for the less experienced operators, especially the ladies, to have 
some fun.

Satellite contacts were "tough" to come by.  The scheduled "bird" passes
definitely didn't favor our part of the country, but the crew managed six 
well earned QSOs.  In between they put APRS and ATV stations on the air for 
the bonus points.  Activity on VHF was spotty too, six was in and out all 

But the food was great as always, the roast beef dinner Saturday evening was 
particularly satisfying.

The CRA II gang is already looking foward to next year's FD, rain or shine.

John W2GD

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