[3830] FQP W6YX School Mixed LP

n6de at msn.com n6de at msn.com
Tue May 1 04:04:00 EDT 2001

                     Florida QSO Party
Call: W6YX
Operator(s): N6DE
Station: W6YX

Class: School Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18

Summary: Phone    CW
 Mode     QSOs   QSOs
   40:      2     22
   20:     39    107
   15:     39     50   Total   Phone   CW    Total
   10:     36     12   QSOs    Mults  Mults  Mults
Total:    116    191    307  (   37 +   57 )   94  =  93,624

Club: NCCC


There were two reasons why I participated in FQP:

1. School club category.  Thanks to Ulysses KD4RWN for making this happen.
We have seen the benefits of encouraging school participation in CQP, and it's 
good to see another contest implement this properly (unlike what is done in 

2. Had to contact my four favorite counties from Election 2000:
Palm Beach, Dade, Broward, and Leon.  I am surprised that K4OJ did not arrange 
for a special event station in Palm Beach with that county's infamous 
canvassing board!

Comments on the contest:

This was a very tough contest from California with poor high band conditions!
Saturday was decent with 10m and 15m openings to FL.  10m was open occasionally 
until about 22Z Saturday, and then closed for the rest of the contest.  Sunday 
was painful.  15m was actually open from the west coast to FL for the last 
several hours of the contest, but few FL stations were there!  They all seemed 
to be on 20m.  I called CQ on 15m with some success.  Meanwhile, 20m was sheer 
agony for us on the west coast!!!  An overwhelming number of my 20m contacts 
were S0-S2.  Every 20m contact was a struggle, and I often could not reasonably 
request a QSY from 20m CW to 20m SSB.  This is reflected in my low SSB mult 

Nevertheless, I had fun!  Thanks to all the FL stations who eagerly QSY'd to 
other band-modes.  I appreciate all the effort that the mobiles put into this 
contest.  My mobile award goes to K5WA: they were usually the loudest mobile 
into CA, and had extremely good ears.  K4OJ's e-mail about ignition noise 
explains why K4FCG continually CQ'd in my face!  Still, I managed to contact 
them while they were in 12 different counties.

Thanks also to K6ENT for the use of his laptop for the weekend.

I look forward to contacting all of you in the California QSO Party on
October 6-7, 2001!  See you then from an expedition to Sierra County with 
K6III, K6ENT, and KQ6LQ.

-Dean - N6DE

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