[3830] Score Collections

Dinkelman, Michael W. michael.dinkelman at physio-control.com
Fri May 25 08:32:03 EDT 2001

Gosh ! it's been so long since we have had a major
contest, I'm getting positively excited about
collecting some scores. (OK, I know, I need a life...)
Then again, maybe I'm just excited to contest again.

This is just a reminder for the upcoming WPX:

When reporting those scores, I recommend the handy dandy Web
page that Bruce has set up at http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/  .
Using that form and the subsequent mail it generates allows me to
import the data directly into my database (including band breakdowns)
and reduces the error rate by a great deal. 

Sure, I'll still glean 3830 for those free form postings but 
they really slow things down and the varied summary forms can
be confusing - especially with a contest like WPX that has 17856 
different entry classifications. :>) (We will be running M/M 
with one arm tied behind our backs and a crooked stick antenna.)
Also, using  the Web page virtually guarantees your post will
go through without the bounce problems some people always seem to
have and saves me from having to individually clean them
up. (Yes, I have a personal stake here - less work!) If you want
some control over your post - copy YOUR summary sheet  into 
the comment section of the page. It works great. 

Best wishes to all as we head into summer - may  it be a safe and
enjoyable one. Don't forget that Bruce's page supports all the 
summer test's too. 

dink, n7wa

(your best choice for a WQ7 mult in the WPX)

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