[3830] NA Sprint CW N6VR HP

jbenny at rain.org jbenny at rain.org
Mon Sep 10 02:11:33 EDT 2001

                     NA Sprint - CW
Call: N6VR
Operator: N6VR
Station: N6VR

Power: HP

 Band     QSOs  Op Time
   80:     42   0.6
   40:     95   1.4
   20:    114   2.0
Total:    241 Qs   43 Mults =  10,363

Club/Team: SCCC #1


Had a terrible start this time around. Ended up changing radios 2 minutes
before start of the test. Dits would not key the radio but dahs would.
Lost first ten minutes with other computer problems, then later seven more
going from 40 to 80m, computer would not switch bands. Sprint logic was screwed 
up for the first 90 minutes (or was it the operator?). Poorest I've done in 
many years!

I'm sure I missed 2 - 3 mults on 20m with all the problems. Hopefully, I'll be 
be better prepared next time.

Ray, N6VR

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