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Tue Feb 26 08:51:51 EST 2002

                     ARRL DX Contest, CW
Call: 6D2YFM
Operator(s): K1OJ, N5TU, W5SB, W5MJ, N1LN, XE1YFM
Station: 6D2YFM

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band     QSOs  Mults
  160:    282     50
   80:    591     56
   40:    747     57
   20:   1068     59
   15:    815     57
   10:    922     57
Total:   4425    336  =  4,460,400

Club: TDXS


First Congrats to all the other M/S entries - we tried to give you a run for 
money but Murphy came early and stayed with us.   

Five minutes before the contest started the amp stopped.  Lots of RX.... no 
TX.  The T/R switch decided to stay in RX.  The team quickly jumped in and 
swapped amps but the backup SB-200 never worked well.  Max power out was about
200w and also a real bad input match to the XCVR.  But we started anyway.  The
primary amp was fixed and back on-line in about 45 minutes.  Last year the
first hour rate was over 200 Qs/hr... this year we were under 100.   Then 
Saturday afternoon the coax failed on our NE TH6 - so all we had on 20 was our
NW mono.  Up we went on tower #1 - new coax was installed and we were back on
the air with both antennas in 1 1/2 hr.  Done yet... nope.  Sunday morning both
our 10 meter monobanders failed.  Back up tower #1.  This never got fixed 
leaving us with only the trusty TH6 pointed NE.  Sure was a good thing that the
TH6 was fixed on Saturday.   

Oh well - we had a great time anyway.  We will be back next year, but better
watch out for the SSB team this weekend.  They should have all the antennas 
fixed and different equipment.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's!!

73 - Bruce / N1LN

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