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Tue Jan 15 13:27:16 EST 2002

                     North America QSO Party - CW
Call: W6XR
Operator(s): W6XR
Station: W6XR

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: New York
Operating Time (hrs): 6
Radios: SO2R

 Band     QSOs  Mults
  160:     73     33
   80:    107     36
   40:    142     37
   20:     58     29
   15:     61     29
   10:     53     20
Total:    494    184  =  90,896

Club/Team: FRC


I've never really played in the NAQP before but stumbled upon the activity late 
Sat. afternoon while looking for DX on 15 meters.  Quickly fired up WriteLog 
and went to a website to read the rules.  I liked what I read as no amps were 
allowed and since Mr. Alphy was visiting Mother Alpha in Colorado, I would not 
miss the extra controls to fiddle with.  It sure is quiet without blower noise 
in the shack!

Started out on the high bands and heard a hesitation when I sent my QTH as WNY. 
 Sensing I had screwed up, I referred to the rules and corrected the QTH to be 
NY in most of the memories.  It wasn't until late in the contest I realized one 
of the memories still had WNY in it,  The reason I never caught this 
transgression is I had the audio latch option "on" which diverted audio from 
the unused radio to my headset while transmitting.  Please, my profuse 
apologies to all who copied WNY instead of NY.

About 6:30 PM, my wife Nancy walks into the shack with a home made New Orleans 
Muffaletta Sandwich, home made potato salad (world famous in Ithaca) and a 
bottle of perfectly chilled California Chablis.  She tells me she forgot to 
tell me she had a meeting that night and felt bad about it as she would be away 
most of the evening.  Well, I realized that I should extend my heartfelt 
understanding as we really do try to keep each other informed if an activity 
does not involve both of us.  So we both enjoyed the chopped olives, olive oil, 
garlic, and fresh slices of salami and proscutto on a freshly baked roll, and a 
glass or two of wine.  I took off my headphones and we enjoyed a Kodak moment 
with our fine repast while I expressed my appreciation of the meeting she was 
about to attend.  Nancy left and I immediately grabbed Sadie D. Dachshund Dogge 
and brought her into the shack so she could assume the proper contest position 
on my lap.

Since there was a bit of wine left, I poured a final glass which was 
immediately consumed by Sadie as I got busy playing contest.  In between 
calling CQ and doing the needed S & P, I kept an eye on Sadie as I had no idea 
how she liked Chablis.  It turned out she was happy to sleep it off.

The bands sounded fine and I felt good with a bit of consumed vino and an 
epicurean creation literally under the belt.  Rates were fair but I had no 
desire to push for more Q's or higher rates as I became intoxicated by the 
serenity of the evening.  The dog was asleep, my wife was away and the number 
one son Josh was busy playing Sub Space (whatever that is.) The proficiency of 
the ops was outstanding and there were no frequency fights!  Little or no 
atmospheric noise and no noise inside the shack --- just the noise in the 
ProSet and nothing else.  This was one of those moments why I realized I've 
been doing this masochistic endeavor of contesting for 35 years!  The moments 
of Sat. evening were almost a surreal experience as I could not think of a way 
things could get any better.  It seemed no more than, but always at least, two 
people answered my CQ's and every time I called on the second radio, the 
response was immediate.  This was fun!  Never did I push myself or my dwindling 
capabilities, but I rather took the time to enjoy the moment.

The moving from one band to another went well and working OM Veto on 160 with 
ease after the Q's on other bands was a non event.  This is a great contest 
activity and I thank the sponsors!

I apologize to those who had to wait while I struggled with the keyboard AND to 
those who I called with the antenna pointed the wrong way (remember the 
Chablis?)  Thanks to all the great ops and to those who were also new to the 


Natan W6XR

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