ford at cmgate.com ford at cmgate.com
Sun Jan 20 18:36:03 EST 2002

                     North America QSO Party - SSB
Call: N0FP
Operator(s): N0FP
Station: N0FP

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band     QSOs  Mults
  160:     18     11
   80:     94     32
   40:     63     32
   20:    215     51
   15:    255     47
   10:     42     15
Total:    687    188  =  129,156

Club: MN Wireless Association

Team: FCG #2


This was my first shot at the NAQP.  I made several mistakes.

1) "Dismissing 40" as a useless and otherwise annoying band.  I did S&P on
40.  What a waste!  I couldn't find a spot to operate to try running the
frequency.  Maybe next time I'll just have to get obnoxious and just jump
into the fray.

2) I had some great runs on 20 and 15 but never seemed to get 10 meters
cooking.  I spent way too much time on 10 early in the contest.  I should
have bagged 10 after the first 30 minutes.

3) I worked 10 hours but the family chose to end my big runs on 15 and 20.
Pizza at 1:30PM and dinner at 6:30PM.  Both of these times were only 30
minutes but I was in the middle of a huge run each time.  I ended at
11:00PM.  I figure the food angle cost me about 25,000 pts.
Rig is an IC746--no extra SSB filters (all CW).  Tribander at 70'.  80 meter
dipole at 68'.  40 meter dipole at 68'.  I think I would have had better
runs on upper bands if the antenna was more omni.  From this part of the
world, you gotta either choose East, South, or West.  Next time I'll have an

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