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Mon Jul 15 08:54:14 EDT 2002

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: W8MJ
Operator(s): W8MJ
Station: W8MJ

Class: SO CW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 23
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:    14            5
   80:    44           12
   40:   317           33
   20:   685           69
   15:   280           48
   10:    10            6
Total:  1350    0     173  Total Score = 900,292

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Decided to utilize the Ameritron 811, and the bolsterious 500 watts it delivers
to work the contest since there is no Low Power category.  That was a good
decision given the fact that the conditions at the start of the contest were not
very good.  Of course living here in the Midwest we commonly refer to that
absorbtion effect on your signal getting out and being /or not being heard as a
part of the "Blackhole" syndrom continuation we have been accustom to here.  

This was the 2nd outing for the new rigs recently purchased at Dayton (FT 1000
MP MKV Field).  Needless to say they performed extremely well.  The bands did
get better as the contest went on.  Twenty meters was the band to be on....it
just kept playing and playing right to the very end.  Really didn't keep much
tract of how many OJ stations I worked.  I just wanted to get on and see what we
could do with the 500 watts.  It really felt like I was runnning a hair above
low power, but I have to say the runs on 20 & 40 were great.  Worked the last
hour of the test running JA's on 20 meters which was fun. 

All and all really enjoyed the contest, and getting more accustomed to the new

Hopefully we will able to get on for NAQP CW. 

73's Ken W8MJ

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