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Sun Jul 21 21:16:07 EDT 2002

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: K3ZO
Operator(s): K3ZO
Station: K3ZO

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  144    53
    2:   39    14
Total:  183    67  Total Score = 14,874

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Started the contest one and a half hours late so missed part of the 
initial Sporadic E opening.  But up until the solar flare Saturday
afternoon 6M condx were pretty good to TN, OK, AR, MO, KS and KY from here.
Then Sunday morning there was a nice opening to VE1/VE2/VY2/W1 mixed with
the usual MS activity.  Congrats to W9JN, W4ZRZ and NW5E on the FB MS
signals.  And to K1WHS who seemed to come in on Es, MS and tropo 
combined and had a pile-up worthy of his signal.  And to K1TOL whose
not-one-unnecessary-word operating procedure is recommended for 
emulation by all!  

Not much activity on 2 meters with six being in such good shape for
so late in the season.  Now that W3ZZ has taken this contest firmly
in hand and moved it off the IARU weekend, I commend readers to give
this contest a try next year!  With activity on a par with the ARRL
VHF contests, propagation would have allowed the numbers to be

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