[3830] IOTA AA1IZ Multi-Op HP

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Wed Jul 31 15:13:09 EDT 2002

                    IOTA Contest

Call: AA1IZ
Operator(s): AA1IZ, NB1B,K1HT, N1JFO, W1RH, N1LOO
Station: AA1IZ

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: NA148
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   80:    8        8       8        8
   40:   33       33      10       10
   20:  479       65     492       71
   15:  192       28     339       51
   10:    0        0       1        1
Total:  712      134     850      141  Total Score = 2,773,650

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


A big thanks to our support group- KA1AXY, N1FOF, AA1ON, and KB1CQI.

We took off Thursday evening, meeting at AA1IZ QTH to pack the van for the hour
drive to Boston Harbor.  Loading the boat took two hours, and we were on our way
about 2200 local.  After an hour trip to get to George's Island, we tied up at
the moorings outside the unloading place and went to sleep.

We got up early the next morning, and proceeded to unload the boat of about 2500
pounds of gear.  Antenna set-up took most of Friday, and we finally got on the
air about 1600 local.  Our QTH on the island was inside an old Civil War
hospital; we planted the antennas on the top of the hospital and they were about
50 ft over ground when pointed to Europe.

Rigs: Run Station: TS850 and SB220 (run off 110V, 600 watts out)
Mult Station: TS850 and ALS-600 (500 watts out or so).

Antennas:  40/80 meter doublet, fed with open wire line.
20M: 3 element monobander
15M: 4 element monobander
10M: 4 element monobander
Computers: 2 laptops running CT, networked via Ethernet.

Several interesting tidbits:
Our only 10M QSO was with W1DIG, on the same IOTA (but a different island)
All 40/80M QSOs were made with the mult station.
The mult station accounted for 144 of our 275 multipliers!
Never heard nor worked a JA.  Closest we came was WH0.
15M started out lousy to Europe, then opened somewhat.  On Sunday, 15M opened at
1030Z and was hotter than a pistol til the contest end.
Many stations still never listened up on 40M.  We would have been easy to work,
and we both could have gained an extra mult.  
When we asked stations to QSY to CW, many stations said they did not bring a
We had zero interstation interference.  Had two sets of bandpass filters but
never had to use either.
We did have problems with 40/80M getting into the Ethernet network.  Toroids on
the CAT5 cable solved the 40M problem, but everytime we keyed up on 80M the
network would disconnect.  One of the hazards of having a balanced feedline to
the doublet.  Never did figure it out- just lived with it.
For most of the contest, we monitored spots from K1TTT in Peru, Ma (150 miles or
so) or K1XX (50 miles or so).  All the nearby nodes were either putting out no
spots, or were off the air.

All in all, a fun contest.  Hope to see everyone next year from????

Dennis NB1B and the AA1IZ IOTA group

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